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This Microsoft Project template contains our unique construction sequence.

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Interested in building and running a successful house flipping business? We would like to help you! At Select Home Ventures LLC, we have been profitably flipping houses for over 10 years! We have operated in both hot and cold markets. These tools will work for you too!

This product is a Microsoft Project template file. It creates the SHV Project Timeline by sequencing the SHV Scope Of Work for your project in time. The SHV Project Timeline sets the schedule for the entire project.

The SHV Project Timeline Template contains the full SHV Construction Sequence. It automatically configures the SHV Project Timeline to adjust the work sequence for any unused construction steps. In Microsoft Project, we simply delete any steps that are not addressed in the SHV Scope Of Work. This saves us several hours of work for every house we flip!

This product tracks the progress of construction projects. The SHV Project Timeline graphically shows the progress for the project while construction is underway! It does this using the Gantt chart in Microsoft Project. It also calculates and displays the completion percentage numerically.

This product also includes documentation for the SHV Project Timeline Template

  • Setting up a SHV Project Timeline using an SHV Scope Of Work.
    • Removing unnecessary construction steps
    • Changing the project start date
    • Setting the Duration
    • Setting the work week
    • Stretching the view
  • Tracking the progress during a construction project.
    • Updating using the SHV Scope Of Work
    • Creating progress/status reports

The SHV Project Timeline together with the SHV Scope Of Work also create the medium through which we transparently share status between ourselves, the contractors, and the investors. We update the completion percentage for each construction step periodically as we progress through the project. When we do that, the Gantt chart and the phase and project percentages update. We share the result with everyone as a status update!

The SHV Project Timeline is one piece of the greater construction plan. The entire construction plan should be attached to the SHV Contract With General Contractor.

What it is

  • A Microsoft Project Template.
  • The implementation of our SHV Project Timeline.
  • Documentation for the SHV Project Timeline Template.
  • A tool that will create your construction schedule for you.
  • Highly configurable to meet your needs.
  • Delivered digitally and available for instant download.

What it is NOT

Start your journey to profitable house flipping today!

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kimberly Nickoson

    Wow! Saving TIME and $$$ using these. Great resource!

    Kimberly bought Buy All Products – Complete House Flipping Business Kit, which includes this product

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