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This software organizes the scope of work into our unique construction sequence.

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Interested in building and running a successful house flipping business? We would like to help you! At Select Home Ventures LLC, we have been profitably flipping houses for over 10 years! We have operated in both hot and cold markets. These tools will work for you too!

This software is designed to be used with the SHV Construction Sequence to produce a detailed, organized, and sequenced SHV Scope Of Work for you. We created it after doing this work many times by hand. That was tedious work. We had to reorganize the entire Scope Of Work file every time we had ANY amendment to the scope of work. Now we only modify the section we need in the input file. This software does the rest effortlessly!

The software works on Ubuntu in the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). This is a free system built into Microsoft Windows 10. You only have to turn it on.

This product will install one program on your system.

  • shv_scopeofwork_generator

The software requires text-based input created using the SHV Construction Sequence. This input is easy to create with any word processor. An example project input file is included with the distribution for illustration purposes.

The software produces two output files

  • SHV Rough Scope Of Work – This file explains the scope at a high level. Imagine explaining the work to a friend who is not a contractor. This is laid out room by room and explains visually how the finished space will look.
  • SHV Scope Of Work – This file details the scope in the SHV Construction Sequence. This explains the scope at a much lower level. Imagine the contractor explaining the work to his employees. This is laid out in construction phases in the order the work should be completed.

This product also includes documentation for the SHV Scope of Work Software

  • Installing and uninstalling the software from the WSL.
  • The input file format.
  • The output file formats.
  • Instructions to use the example data set which comes with the distribution.

The SHV Scope Of Work produced by this software is the foundation of the construction plan. The Project Manager collects multiple contractor bids using the construction plan. The Project Manager may have to revise the plan depending on the bids received. If the contractors are unwilling to complete the construction plan for the allotted budget, the SHV Scope of Work must be reduced to fit within the budge. We may revise the plan several times, or even revise it with several contractors. You should be able to imagine how the need for this software grew!

Ultimately, the selected contractor and the Project Manager arrive at a mutually agreeable scope of work. The final SHV Scope Of Work is used with the SHV Project Timeline Template to create the SHV Project Timeline. This timeline graphically shows the progress for the project while construction is underway!

What it is

  • Independent software.
  • Software that produces your SHV Construction Sequence scope of work for you!
  • Documentation for the SHV Prospecting Software.
  • Highly configurable to meet your needs.
  • Delivered digitally and available for instant download.

What it is NOT

Start your journey to profitable house flipping today!

These products are ideal for any serious real estate investor, whether experienced or just starting out, who would like an example of a successful model for house flipping.

All products are delivered digitally, and are available for instant download.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kimberly Nickoson

    Wow! Saving TIME and $$$ using these. Great resource!

    Kimberly bought Buy All Products – Complete House Flipping Business Kit, which includes this product

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