House Flipping Prospecting Products

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This product contains software that ranks and suggests properties to flip. This includes Prospecting Software and Prospecting Subdivision Definitions.


House Flipping Prospecting Products

This product includes:

  • Prospecting Software
  • Prospecting Subdivision Definitions

The secret to successfully flipping houses is finding properties consistently. You have to know your market well and always be on the lookout for the warning signs that a property may be a good candidate. This can be very time consuming. The SHV Prospecting Software will streamline this process by sorting through the market data quickly. The properties will be ranked in order of most likely to be a flip house candidate.

Many services claim that they will consistently find great properties for you. That costs money and often provides outdated information. We do not find properties for you. Rather, we provide a tool to assist you with comparing everything on the market in your defined area quickly. This will allow you to spend more time evaluating properties that have more potential than others.

Prospecting Software

  • Independent software with instructions
  • Software that ranks and suggests flip houses for you
  • Highly configurable to meet your needs
  • Delivered digitally and immediately

This software will help find the best deals on the market for you! It will build a model of your defined areas and use this information to rank every house on the market. You still have to know your market in order to utilize the SHV Prospecting Software. This software requires the following information.

  • Define the boundaries of your neighborhoods of interest with the help of the Prospecting Subdivision Definitions.
  • Obtain past sales data for your market.
  • Obtain current listing data for your market.

The software requires comma separated value (CSV) input files containing the past sold listings and current active listings for your specific market. The sold listings file will build the models, while the active listings file will find and rank the deals. The software will not create these input files. Most multiple listing services (MLS) and many city and county assessor websites produce these files. Example files of both types are included.

The Prospecting Software is designed to run on Ubuntu in the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). This is a free system built into Microsoft Windows 10. You only have to turn it on. The software suite has four programs.

  1. shv_prospector_convertkml
  2. shv_prospector_buildmodels
  3. shv_prospector_querymodels
  4. shv_prospector_suggestoffers

The Prospecting Software also includes the following information.

  • Installing and uninstalling the software from the WSL.
  • The CSV input file formats.
  • Documentation for each of the programs separately.
  • Using the programs together.
  • Instructions to use the example data set which comes with the distribution.

Prospecting Subdivision Definitions

  • KML file
  • Neighborhood definitions for the SHV Prospecting Software
  • Delivered digitally and immediately

The Prospecting Subdivision Definitions is a file that defines neighborhood boundaries with polygons. This file is created using Google Earth. This is a Keyhole Markup Language (KML) file that displays geographic data. This example file is used to show how to define your own neighborhoods of interest. The included file was designed to be used with the example data set that comes with the SHV Prospecting Software. This example details one possible set of neighborhood definitions for Coral Springs, Florida. It does not contain definitions for neighborhoods outside of Coral Springs, Florida.

Nobody knows your market like you do. You are the expert! That is why defining your own neighborhoods is powerful! You don’t have to define your whole market area to begin using the system. You can start with just one neighborhood. You can be up and running in under 15 minutes! The SHV Prospecting Software will ignore properties in areas that are geographically undefined. These properties will be remembered, just ignored. Later, you can define more neighborhoods. You can also rearrange your neighborhoods at any time. You can remove, add, change, merge, and subdivide. The SHV Prospecting Software will always build models based on YOUR neighborhood definitions!

Do you have questions about this product? We are here to help you! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We welcome your email or call and the opportunity to connect with you!

2 reviews for House Flipping Prospecting Products

  1. Kaitlyn

    Good products and customer service.

    Kaitlyn bought Buy All Products – Complete House Flipping Business Kit, which includes this product.

  2. Kimberly Nickoson

    I have my eye on an area and will DEF be using these tools to make final decisions. So intuitive!!

    Kimberly Nickoson bought Buy All Products – Complete House Flipping Business Kit, which includes this product.

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