House Flipping Project Estimation Products

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This group product contains estimating tools to evaluate potential flip projects.


House Flipping Project Estimation Products

Interested in building and running a successful house flipping business? We would like to help you! At Select Home Ventures LLC, we have been profitably flipping houses for over 10 years! We have operated in both hot and cold markets. These tools will work for you too!

Does project estimation scare you? It certainly scared us in the beginning.

Project estimation is scary because the consequences are high. If you are too conservative, you will not find projects to work. If you are too liberal, you may not make a profit. You may even lose money. We knew we had to get it right.

The challenge with project estimating is that it involves uncertainty. Some of the areas of uncertainty include…

  • improvement costs
  • project duration
  • carrying costs
  • company overhead
  • investment requirement
  • final resale price

Fortunately, you don’t have to go at this blind! We have experience estimating flip projects that you can leverage. We have analyzed our data and used it to develop a set of easy-to-use estimation tools.

These products are the actual tools we use at Select Home Ventures LLC to evaluate potential projects. They will do the heavy lifting for you!

Here are the individual products sold with the House Flipping Estimation Products Collection. If you would like more information on any particular product, you will need to navigate to the product below.

  • B01 House Flipping Calculator

    The House Flipping Calculator is both a project estimator and an advertising tool for investors. It creates a full Project Estimate in a clear, detailed, and itemized report quickly. The report includes the maximum buy price, expenses, total investment, and profit. This exact same report is used to attract investors.
  • B02 Construction Budget Estimation

    This product explains our system for setting a remodel budget, the advantages and shortcomings, and how we find contractors. This is a simple system, built on years of experience, over several contractors. This system is easy to use and will bring you in range with fair construction prices.
  • B03 Sales Price Plan

    The SHV Sales Price Plan Equation. This is how we price houses to sell for maximum profit.
  • B04 Project Summary

    The SHV Project Summary Equation. This creates a detailed summary of a completed project.

These products are ideal for any serious real estate investor, whether experienced or just starting out, who would like an example of a successful model for house flipping.

The documents are updated periodically. They will always contain relevant information about today’s changing market!

All products are delivered digitally, and are available for instant download.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kimberly Nickoson

    Great tools! Highly recommend.

    Kimberly bought Buy All Products – Complete House Flipping Business Kit, which includes this product

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