House Flipping Business Documents

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This product contains the documents to structure a house flipping business for the owners, the employees, and the investors. This includes a House Flipping Business Plan and a House Flipping Operational Plan.


House Flipping Business Documents

This product includes:

  • House Flipping Business Plan
  • House Flipping Operational Plan

A real estate investor who is flipping houses is also running a business. Whether operating full-time or supplementing a 9-to-5, every investor should have plans to succeed using sound business principles. Updating and following these plans will increase the probability of success by improving performance and lowering exposure to risk. The same plans will also make project funding much more accessible. This allows your business to grow and scale well!

House Flipping Business Plan

  • 19 page Microsoft Word/Google Docs file with recent market statistics
  • Time-saving template to help you create your own business plan
  • Business plan with 6 sections including: Executive Summary, Business Description, Market Analysis, Marketing Plan, Overcoming Challenges, Addenda
  • Written by a professional business plan writer
  • Delivered digitally and immediately

The House Flipping Business Plan offers a highly profitable and repeatable approach to flipping houses that has earned excellent profits for over 10 years. Use this document as a template to help create your own house flipping business plan to suit your needs. It will save you valuable time whether planning a business model for yourself, satisfying a bank for a business loan, or soliciting investors for a flip project.

The House Flipping Business Plan explains WHAT the business does.

You will receive an unlocked Microsoft Word/Google Docs file with all of the formatting. There is no need to type it all or align anything! You will also receive all of the spreadsheets, images, and data sources that we use to make this plan. There is no need to do the math again. The formulas are built into the spreadsheets! You WILL be able to replace the numbers with fresh data from your specific market the easy way. You will revise only the sections you see fit! Then you can automatically update the table of contents and figures with a few very simple clicks.

House Flipping Operational Plan

  • Updated in Feb. 2019
  • 17 page PDF Document
  • Job descriptions for all team members
  • Edited by a professional business plan writer
  • Delivered digitally and immediately

The House Flipping Operational Plan is a PDF document that contains our business structure and practices in detail. These are the methods and rationale that we use to operate our business on a day-to-day basis. This includes a full description for each team position, the work sequence expected, the tools provided, the minimum results required, and the compensation awarded.

The House Flipping Operational Plan explains HOW the business does what it does.


We are here to help you! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We welcome your email or call and the opportunity to connect with you!

4 reviews for House Flipping Business Documents

  1. Kaitlyn

    Good products and customer service.

    Kaitlyn bought Buy All Products – Complete House Flipping Business Kit, which includes this product.

  2. Andrea Miller (verified owner)

    Both the House Flipping Business Plan and and the House Flipping Operational Plan are sensational. I looked for weeks before finding the Select products. I couldn’t be happier that I waited until I found the right plans. Also, Customer Service was extraordinary. DJ was there for me every step of the way as I wrote my plan and crunched numbers. But the proof is in the pudding and my financier has given me a green light!!

  3. Kimberly Nickoson

    Wow! Saving TIME and $$$ using these. Great resource!

    Kimberly Nickoson bought Buy All Products – Complete House Flipping Business Kit, which includes this product.

  4. Brian (verified owner)

    Great product!

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