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Product Line Update

Keep it simple

After speaking with several customers, we decided that 22 products were too complicated to understand. We have decided to simplify the product line by removing the individual products. Only the bundle products (product groupings) and the full business kit are for sale moving forward. The following list shows all products as of February 2019.

House Flipping Business Kit (Full System) includes these products:

  • Business Documents
    • House Flipping Business Plan
    • House Flipping Operational Plan
  • Projection Estimation
    • House Flipping Calculator
    • Construction Budget Estimation
    • Sales Price Plan
    • Project Summary
  • Construction
    • Contract with General Contractor
    • Construction Sequence
    • Scope of Work Software
    • Project Timeline Template
  • Investing
    • Joint Venture Agreement
    • Joint Venture Modification Agreement
    • Promissory Note to Joint Venture
    • Mortgage to Joint Venture
  • Prospecting
    • Prospecting Software
    • Prospecting Subdivision Definitions

All individual products (indented products above) are no longer sold separately. They will still be developed and used separately, just not sold separately. This really cleans up our product line. As you can see above, we moved from 22 separate products down to only 6. This makes everything much easier for us. Moving forward we hope this clears up confusion. Thank you for bearing with us as we figure this out with you.

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