• House Flipping Business Kit

    The House Flipping Business Kit contains everything you need to build a successful long-term house flipping business that can weather up and down markets!
  • House Flipping Investing Documents

    Expand your potential by enabling others to invest in your flip projects with these contracts. This includes a Joint Venture Agreement, Joint Venture Modification Agreement, Promissory Note and Mortgage for Joint Ventures.
  • House Flipping Business Documents

    This product contains the documents to structure a house flipping business for the owners, the employees, and the investors. This includes a House Flipping Business Plan and a House Flipping Operational Plan.
  • House Flipping Project Estimation

    Evaluate potential flip projects with these estimating tools. This product includes a House Flipping Calculator, Construction Budget Estimation, Sales Price Plan, and Project Summary.
  • House Flipping Prospecting

    This product contains software that ranks and suggests properties to flip. This includes Prospecting Software and Prospecting Subdivision Definitions.
  • House Flipping Construction Products

    Create construction plans and manage construction time and budget with these tools. This includes a Contract with General Contractor, Construction Sequence, Scope of Work Software, and Project Timeline Template.