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How to Find Investors for Flipping Houses Version 2.0 Update

SHV Find Investors

How to Find Investors is an informational document that covers three different lender/investor options for house flipping. The options are conventional lenders, private money (hard money) lenders, and build-your-own investors. The document details who they are, where to find them, how to close them, and the granddaddy of them all …. Can you flip houses with no money? This document also explains how and when to use Joint Venture Agreements for flipping houses.

The How to Find Investors document was updates to Version 2.0 in June 2019. This update expands on the topic and includes new information about wholesaling.

This document is available in the House Flipping Investing Documents product. This product includes everything you need to form collective partnerships, known as joint ventures, to expand your potential by enabling others to invest in your house flipping venture!

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