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House Flipping Loan Calculator Version 1.0 Addition

House Flipping Loan Calculator

The House Flipping Loan Calculator helps you scale up by using leverage to your advantage to increase your return percentage.

Scaling works by keeping a split of the profit you create using investors’ money. It works because you don’t have to invest anything to make that split. Using this knowledge, you can use the same amount of your own money to work several projects in the same time frame to make much more than you could working a single project without financing. Here is the best part, you can make more doing this than if you worked the single project the same number of times in a row!

Of course, you can always use investors contributions to buy properties that are currently out of your reach. We all do to get started. Just know that it is wise to analyze using investors money even when you don’t need it! That analysis is easy with this calculator. The House Flipping Loan Calculator displays everything in a clear, detailed, and concise report.

The House Flipping Loan Calculator spreadsheet was added as Version 1.0 in October 2019. This MS Excel / Google Sheets spreadsheet is available in the House Flipping Project Estimation product. This product contains estimating tools to evaluate potential flip projects.

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