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Do You Hate Us Montana?

2018 US Traffic Select Investments LLC

We reviewed the traffic to over the last 4 months of 2018. We are interested in geographic location because we want to understand our customers. The results surprised us!

We had fun reviewing it, so we decided to share it with you. What follows are color coded maps of the traffic to in the 4 months of 2018. The scale represents unique devices that loaded at least one page of the site. If you came to the site every day from your smart phone, you count as only 1 visitor. If you came to the site on your iPad, laptop, and smart phone, then you count as 3 visitors. If you never came to the site, on any device, then you probably are in Montana. Read on to see why. Remember also, this traffic was achieved with little or no advertising budget.

We apologize to anyone that may be offended by the color choice. There is no political undertone here at all. We are not running for presidential office. This is just the raw image provided through our dashboard. You may read more about how these were created at the end of this post.

World Traffic


We had the majority of traffic from the United States. This makes sense because of the way Google decides which information is important for what audience. Since our site is written in English, and contains information about real estate inside the United States, Google is unlikely to suggest us in a high position elsewhere in the world.

Still, look at the map for a moment. There were people from all over the world on the site in 2018!

We do believe that real estate is valued in a similar manner everywhere and that the math in our system will work. We intend to prove our system works in at least the UK, Australia, and South Africa in the year 2019!

US Traffic

The traffic has an almost uniform distribution from inside the United States. Still there are a few states worth mentioning.

Michigan, Florida, Texas, California, and Oregon – We love you too! Thanks for visiting us in 2018.

Montana – What did we ever do to you? Not one single visitor! If you are viewing this and you live in Montana, you may be the very first! If not, do you know anyone in Montana? We will win you over in 2019 Montana!

How We Created These Maps

We are able to view internet traffic to Select Investments LLC using a free web tool named Google Analytics. The tool allows us to view the traffic in real time, or review historical data from a chosen time period.

We went live on the WP Engine (host) running WordPress (website) with WooCommerce (eCommerce store) in late August. After a bit of work, all of these players are linked together on our dashboard to share information.


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