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Free House Flipping Calculator Spreadsheet

Free House Flipping Calculator Spreadsheet
Win-Win Offer

For a limited time, we are offering a FREE House Flipping Calculator Spreadsheet for subscribing to our newsletter. This product is quick and simple to use, very detailed and accurate, and works with MS Excel and Google Sheets.

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New subscribers also receive a FREE House Flipping Business Plan PDF and a promo code to save 20% Off all of our products for 1 week!

Success Starts Here

This calculator takes the guesswork out of house flipping by

  • providing quick analysis of flip houses
  • allowing for confident offers
  • making negotiating easy
  • providing a crystal clear, single-page Project Estimate Report to market the project.

 Please view Project Estimation – House Flipping Calculator for more product details. This product highlights the path to flipping profitably. Let’s get going!

Why We Are Better

This is the FULL version of our spreadsheet for FREE! We are not offering a broken “Free Version” to hook you into buying a “Paid Version” or some CRAZY “Subscription Service Version”. That’s like giving you a key in order to sell you the lock (maybe even every month). Sneaky! We don’t need to create the problem for you. You are here because you already have a problem. We just want you to succeed!

We do NOT require you to store your data on our servers. Your data will NEVER be our hostage. This is a simple spreadsheet. You download it and use it privately on your device. Forever! Or until you decide to delete it.

This spreadsheet does NOT use MACROS! MACROS are computer code that can be (and have been) vehicles for viruses, spyware, and malware. They can be used to record and send your mouse clicks and keystrokes over the internet! MACROS are turned OFF by default in MS Excel because they are dangerous. Please read Macros Explained: Why Microsoft Office Files Can Be Dangerous to understand more about this. There is NO need for us to use MACROS in the calculator spreadsheet.

Please Help Us Out

After you have tried the FREE House Flipping Calculator spreadsheet, please return to this post and enter a short comment. This could be as simple as “Love it” or “Great”. Your comment will provide others the opportunity to hear your opinion on the content and value of the free calculator. Thank you in advance for providing your comment. We really appreciate it!

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26 thoughts on “Free House Flipping Calculator Spreadsheet

  1. Thanks for the calculator. Looks pretty good

    1. Thanks Brian!

  2. Love the spread sheet. Makes things so much easier

    1. Thanks Oscar. We are always happy to help. Let us know if you need anything.

  3. Wow. This spreadsheet is good

    1. Thanks PJ. Connect with us if you need help using it. Happy flipping!

  4. looks good.

    1. Thanks Lucien!

  5. Very good

    1. Thanks Luke!

  6. Looking forward to your spreadsheet

    1. Thanks Vishal! We are here if you need us.

  7. Your team is absolutely heaven sent

    1. Thanks Mel! What a nice thing to say! Very happy we could help.

  8. Thank you for the tools

    1. You’re welcome Edwin. Thanks for your interest in us! We are always happy to help. Let us know if you need anything else.

  9. Wow. This spreadsheet is awesome! 🤙

    1. Thanks Justin. We’re always happy to hear that!

  10. Awesome

    1. Thank Carlos! Let us know if you need us.

  11. Awesome! Thank you

    1. Thanks Brian. That’s a really great review!

  12. Thanks. This looks pretty impressive!

    1. Thanks Sara. We’re happy you think that!

  13. Thanks this is helpful ^

    1. Thank you Mr P. We are happy to help!

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